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Our business phone service has helped many clients modernize their business communications by upgrading to VoIP service. If you are having challenges in your operational communication and missing leads, this service can help your business eliminate the factor of misunderstanding. In addition, this service allows having free calls between the user.

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Features & Benefits
of Business Phone System


Virtual Receptionist

With the Virtual Receptionist, you can coordinate a consistent automated voice recording for your brand image, and your business will never miss a lead.

Call Forwarding

Manage your call easily. If your extension is busy or not available, you can transfer or forward your business call to our mobile or home phones anytime.

Call Routing

Multiply Profits rapidly with intelligent call routing. You can customize routing patterns based on various factors to ensure every call reaches the right destination.

Call Conferencing

Get a fast, flexible, secure, and quality solution to connect any number to team members on the same voice call anywhere, anytime. Internally it's free of cost.

Call Transferring

Delivery of the best solutions to all your calls with call transfer features. You can transfer an ongoing call to other departments/agents. The client will be more satisfied.

Voice Message

You can allow the callers to record their voices. Caller Can leave a Voice Message. You can hear it out through your dashboard, or we can transfer the voice message to your email address.

Multiple IVR

You can use multiple IVR for your business. Several Greetings, Off-day information, Special day & Special Offer information, a voice recording will be available for your business.

Call Recording

Guarantee you never miss out on important information on any business call. All calls are automatically recorded and saved on the secured hard disk for later needs if you want.

Multiple Call Attending

You can attend multiple calls at the same time. Your primary call channel will be Five. You can call five People at a time or receive five calls at a time. You can increase your concurrent call channel.

Music on Hold

Build up a corporate professional brand. You can customize on-hold music as the following campaign theme or brand's tone to utilize as lead building opportunity.

Call Monitoring

You can monitor your outgoing & incoming call at a time through your dashboard. It's very easy to find out your call list & call history anytime, anywhere through your dashboard.

Unlimited Extension

Users will have unlimited extensions. By having multiple extensions, more clients will call your business; also, It builds the internal organization communication stronger.

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