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With our fire alarm security system, your business and employees are always safe. We have the latest technology fire alarm systems that have high-quality sensors fixed in them. So, if you want your offices secured, we can fix fire alarm systems in your workspace.

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Fire Alarm System

You're probably familiar with the flashing strobe lights and loud sounds that go off when a fire alarm is triggered, but an alarm system is much more than that. Our Fire Alarm System has the following Features


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Most common question
about Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system combines different types of detection of smoke, heat, and fire with the purpose of saving lives in the case of a fire. The system alerts the system monitoring company, the proper authorities, and the occupants to take action as a fire is starting or if there is smoke that could become a fire.

A fire alarm system provides much more protection than having individual smoke detectors. According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) survey of households with occurrences of fires, homes with interconnected smoke detectors on every floor were 11-22% more likely to alert occupants in the case of a fire than in houses with individual smoke detectors. The system also alerts the authorities, which saves lives in the case that the occupant is unaware of the fire or unable to reach the phone. A fire alarm system is a requirement for many commercial buildings.

Yes, federal and local law requires periodic fire alarm inspection and maintenance.

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