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Our G Suite is the perfect email hosting service that you can go with to keep everything simple and on the cloud. Our G Suite combines email hosting with your company’s collaboration and communication applications. You can choose the subscription plan according to your storage requirements. With this service, your business can enjoy advanced features.

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Features & Benefits
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Schedule Organized

You can add reminders to make scheduled meetings and never miss anything with Google's smart calendar.

Communicate on Go

Stay connected with your colleagues via HD video calls & instant messages using Google Meet & Google Chat.

Intelligent Collaboration

You can collaborate in real-time, store your files on the cloud, share and access them from anywhere.

Smart Cloud Search

You can search across all your organization's content from Gmail & Drive, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more.

Stay Updated

Discuss your new ideas, engage in meaningful conversations, and stay up to date with Currents.

Efficient Control

Manage your users & migrate your existing accounts to Google Workspace from the Admin Console.

Archive Data with Ease

You can retain and manage how your organization's data is stored & save these important with Vault.

Stay Secure

Manage & give access to your employees on their devices while keeping your data secure.

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