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Our IT procurement service allows you to have the right IT systems for your business. It helps your business to operate effectively. However, making wrong decisions regarding your IT systems can be costly. With our panel of experts, you will know which systems are perfect for your business. So, get in touch with us to get the best IT systems at the best price.
  • Get a leading company in the digital world
  • Get cloud-based platforms to support business.
  • We can set up your place of business with the IT system as soon as no one can.
Project and workflow Project and workflow

New projects / franchises are quickly and accurately budgeted using past and real-time data with quick planning.

custom catalogs custom catalogs

Often products used in projects are identified and trusted items are quickly and easily rearranged.

Cut Down on Labor Costs Cut Down on Labor Costs

Workflow, hours spent on repetitive data entry, do-over work errors are standardized workflow across the team.

Reduce additional costs Reduce additional costs

Cost overruns are identified before spending and are automatically required or approved based on the threshold.

Features & Benefits of IT Procurement

Reduce Costs

Our IT project management services adhere to industry best practices through extensive experience and certifications.

Optimize Processes

You can get a dedicated team for your business project. You will know us on a first-name basis and will feel like we are part of your team.

Better Relationships

It is a rarity to find a reliable prject management provider for any project. We truly have the capabilities of a full IT department.

Procurement Role

With over two decades of experience managing projects that help businesses thrive, Dataprise can adapt to your specific needs.

Cost savings

Use data to provide free insights that increase supply chain flexibility and responsiveness and enable real-time changes for optimal pricing.

Stakeholder development

Accelerate pricing using advanced relationships, innovative tools and strategic sourcing to meet customer and partner expectations.

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CFL-IT embeds itself in your organization To understand the current method of procurement. From there we will work with your team to identify improvement opportunities and steps to improve the role of procurement within the organization.
  • Benchmarking
  • Collection maturity assessment
  • Expenditure analysis + opportunity evaluation


From managing strategic sourcing events to implementing departmental strategies from vendor registration, we will work together to make our recommendations a reality. Transferring to a new supplier We will ensure that you succeed in this new area.
  • Sourcing execution
  • Transformation of digital collection


Our procurement specialists provide long-term support and keep your seat on your procurement unit table.
  • Help desk
  • Managed service
  • Management changes
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