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Another great security feature we provide is the access control system. This is the modern and latest form of securing your business information. You can have access control systems installed in sensitive areas of your office. Only you will be having access to that area. This will prevent major loss.

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Types of
Access Control

Keypad Access Control

One can say this is the most economical of all and subsequently deserves a suggestion here. As the heading recommends, it is a straightforward keypad with a numbering of 0-9 on it, normally. Most of the time, you can set a password with four digits. If somebody presses a wrong password, the system will sound the alarm.

Keypad Access Control

Biometric Access Control

A biometric access control system is a kind of access control where your exceptional, unique mark gives access. Our special fingerprints can't be copied, which means access must be conceded by one individual whose print is on the system. This thing is even accessible on Smartphones, and it is there on purpose. The explanation is that it is a decent safety effort. Access can be close to incomprehensible concerning this kind of access control. We propose one should go with this one, as it isn't excessively costly, yet it can give an extraordinary safety effort against outside intrusion.

Biometric Access Control

Retinal Scan

This one can be a vastly improved form of the biometric access control system. Specialists accept that a retina of a human is remarkable and perpetual. This is decisively the explanation it is the most dependable biometric. The bean in a system traces a standard way on the retina. Our veins in the retina are consistently not the same as individual to individual. Accordingly, they make an alternate example in every other person. This is the reason to follow consistently extraordinary.

Retinal Scan
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