Web design and hosting services to meet your business goals.

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Phone System

Communication is the key to the success of your business.

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Business Email

You can save crucial information and share files as well as you want.

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IT Management

To keep your IT running smoothly, IT partner addresses any concerns.

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Digital Marketing

Grow your business brand awareness and generate more leads.

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Protect your business information or workspace with reliability.

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Central Florida IT Solutions

Solves Your
Business IT Problems

Central Florida IT Solutions provides technology solutions and professional IT support for your business, including regular ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backups - everything needed to keep your business running smoothly, safely, and reliably.

  • Reduce your costs, increase your productivity

    Designed to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and mitigate your business risks, our cost-effective Business IT Solutions accelerate the attainment of your business goals through technology

  • 24x7x365 Emergency IT Services

    Our Emergency IT Services maintain continuity of your critical business processes.

Professional IT Experience

Industry Experts, Quality Work, Result Matters, Your Success

Result-Oriented Approach

First, we analyze your requirement. This helps us in understanding the flaws that your IT infrastructure is facing. Then, we strategize the solution and implement it, and we make sure that you have got the result-oriented service.

Proactive Team

Every individual in our team is dedicated and determined to solve your business IT challenges. Our qualified IT professionals follow a proactive approach for the betterment of your business.

Client Satisfaction

We believe that if a client is satisfied then, a relationship of trust has built up. Therefore, client satisfaction is our priority, and we make sure that all our clients are satisfied with our IT solutions.

If Your Business is Struggling with
Internet Outage, Website, Phone System, Email, Digital Marketing, IT Operations, and Security
We Can Help it Come Back on Track.

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  • Your website is the first impression of your business. To attract visitors and make them potential customers, your website is the key.
  • Central Florida IT Solutions provide bespoke web design and hosting services to meet your business goals.
  • We make sure that your website is easy to use and has an attractive interface as well.
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Phone System

Phone System

  • Communication is the key to the success of your business.
  • The more communication options available on your website will help your customers get in touch with you easily.
  • Central Florida IT Solutions offer several communication services such as VoIP phone, text messages, Efax, etc.
  • In addition, you can get in touch through any source to resolve your issues.
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Business Email

Business Email

  • Email is a great business communication tool to communicate with your staff and notify your customer about your services and products.
  • Your business deserves professional email Solutions. Our hosted mail Solutions can make your life easier and help your business grow.
  • Central Florida IT services can help you reach the right audience.
  • Our exchange and office 365 Solutions can increase the productivity of your business.
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IT Management

IT Management

  • To have your business at your fingertips, your business needs reliable IT support.
  • We work as your trusted IT partner and handle all the issues to keep your operation moving smoothly.
  • With our enthusiastic support team, your business can get support services whenever required.
  • Central Florida IT Solutions ensure long-lasting client relationships.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

  • Central Florida IT Solutions is an agile company.
  • With our social media process, you can grow your business brand awareness and generate leads.
  • Our professional experts can handle your marketing campaigns on the most popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • If you want your business site to be engaging and reflect your brand and generate leads, benefit from our social media management services.
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  • Security is the main concern for every business, whether it is the security of your data or workspace.
  • Central Florida IT Solutions have got you covered. We offer round-the-clock network monitoring and vulnerability management to avoid data loss.
  • We also offer fire alarms and CCTV cameras to make your workspace secure as well.
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The Most Well-Known & Well-Respected
IT Service Provider in Central Florida

Proven Results


Thousands of Happy Clients in CFL-IT


Thousands of Projects Completed in CFL-IT


Guaranteed Job Satisfaction in CFL-IT


Highly Qualified Customer Support

We want to provide high-quality service to our clients. Customer Satisfaction is our main focus.

Toll Free phone

Our helpful customer service representative are accessible by phone Monday through Friday to assist you with any questions.

Live Chat Support

Our knowledgeable live chat support team is here to assist you about any reason with immediate, engaging answers and support.

Tech Support

Our experienced personal Tech Support is available online from 24/7 to help you and to solve your any IT issues that you may have.

Field IT Support

Our IT specialists have a wealth of experience and are at your disposal. Monday through Friday, we'll come to your site and fix your technical issues.

Emergency Support

We have highly trained and qualified specialists to handle the emergency IT support. and they are Available 24/7 for your business success.

Resolution Support

Resolution Specialist investigate accusation and access supporting evidence to resolve and settle complaints we are available Monday to Friday for your support.

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How Does CFL-IT Work?

Knowledge and expertise to help your business remain on the top

  • Requirement

    When you get in touch with us, we schedule an appointment with your team. Our qualified experts discuss your IT needs and business goals with your team. This meeting helps us in knowing your requirements.

  • Strategy

    Our team of experts assesses your existing IT setup and requirement. Then, we plan a strategy to solve your IT issues and improve your IT performance and infrastructure.

  • Execution

    Once we know your requirements and challenges and have assessed your business needs, we take the required steps to solve your business IT challenges with the right tools and expertise to deliver exceptional service and results to your business.

  • Validation

    We measure the results and performances of the technology in your business and manage, maintain your business IT operational performance as required, and stay on top of the market for your business success which matters the most.

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