What are the Key Benefits of VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is not something new; it has been around for quite some time now. Still, to this day there are many business owners who do not know about VoIP phone services or companies who assume that since VoIP has been around for so long, it's no longer important. There are many reasons why any business owner would want to buy VoIP phone service for his or her company. Here are just a few of them.

  1. VoIP phone systems are far more cost-effective than the traditional phone systems that many business owners have. Sure, VoIP systems cost a bit more than the traditional phone systems, but in the long run, VoIP systems are the only way that a business is going to get cheap voicemail, call forwarding and call transfer.
  2. VoIP phone systems are much more flexible than traditional phone systems, especially for small businesses. Small businesses don't have the funds to pay for a PBX system, and that's understandable. The PBX system requires a lot of upfront costs, and that doesn't leave much room in the budget for something else, such as marketing, bookkeeping, etc. With a VoIP phone system, business owners can easily add extensions to their employees' phones. They can even add extensions to cell phones if they so choose.
  3. With VoIP systems, business owners can implement three-way calling with their customers. Three-way calling with a VoIP system can be done with cell phones as well as desk phones.
  4. VoIP systems make it possible to make international calls. With traditional phone systems, international calling was almost impossible, but with VoIP systems, that has changed.
  5. VoIP systems make it possible to use your smartphone as your desk phone. That's right; you can take your iPhone and use it as a desk phone, thanks to VoIP systems that allow you to make and receive calls with your iPhone and your VoIP system.
  6. VoIP systems offer much more security than traditional phone systems, and that's because *VoIP systems use encryption methods to secure all calls. Additionally, VoIP phone systems use caller ID so that anyone calling you will be able to tell you who's calling you.
  7. VoIP systems have far more benefits than traditional phone systems, and that holds true for businesses of all sizes.

Today, most people have one phone in the office and another at home. By replacing the landline with a VoIP system, business owners can save hundreds of dollars each month on calls not only to other businesses but also to individuals.

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