VoIP phone services can serve as an excellent alternative to traditional phone services, and for many businesses, they are an even better option.

  1. Reduced costs: VoIP phone services cost less, on average than traditional phone services. Many companies have found that their VoIP phone services cost between 20 and 50% less than their traditional phone services. In some cases, the savings can amount to thousands of dollars a year. Savings are even greater for companies that switch over from a traditional phone service to a VoIP phone service.
  2. Increased flexibility: VoIP phone services offer greater flexibility than traditional phone services. With VoIP services, your company is able to choose the technology, devices and features that best meet your needs.
  3. Enhanced security: VoIP phone services offer enhanced security. Traditional phone services connect to phones through a connection line, and this connection line is often vulnerable to outside interference. VoIP services connect through the Internet, and this connection line is less vulnerable to outside interference.
  4. Increased productivity: VoIP services provide a more convenient and more productive communications experience for employees. VoIP services offer features such as conference calls, call forwarding, call waiting and many more.
  5. Improved customer service: VoIP services provide increased customer service. VoIP phone services allow employees to make and receive calls using their mobile devices. This provides employees greater flexibility when they need to be on the go.
  6. Reduced downtime: VoIP services typically experience less downtime than traditional phone services. VoIP services do not require users to access traditional phone services through phone lines. Instead, VoIP services work through a broadband connection. This connection is more reliable than a traditional phone line.