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CDNs are widely used to improve the delivery of internet traffic. Simply, a CDN delivers the content to the users who request to watch the content of your website. Therefore, CDNs are very vital for website owners as their content is delivered to end-users with their help. With our CDN integration, your customers can see all the content that is available on your website.

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CDN Integration Features & Benefits


Improves Website Load Times

Distribute content closer to website visitors by using a nearby CDN server so that visitors experience faster page loading times.

Reduce Bandwidth Costs

Reduce bandwidth consumption costs for website hosting. CDN reduces the amount of data an origin server through caching and other optimizations.

Content Availability & Redundancy

Large amounts of traffic or hardware failures can interrupt normal website function. CDN can handle more traffic and withstand hardware failure.

Improve Website Security

CDN can improve your website security by providing DDoS mitigation, improvements to security certificates, and other optimizations.

Highly Programmable

CDN allows you to personalize content and respond to your end-users with the improved latency to deliver unique content based on visitor attributes


We offer cost-effective customizable pricing options & reliable CDN integration globally. You don't need to pay extra transfer fees for origin fetches.

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