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You can completely transform your fax communications with our E-Fax service. It is a more secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to send faxes.

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Features & Benifits of
E-Fax Solutions


Large File Sharing

You can easily fax and share large files that would otherwise be too large to emails, like presentations, images, and videos. Share files with up to 20 recipients immediately.

Fax Cloud Storage

Safely store and effectively access all inbound and outbound faxes online for the existence of your record. Tag your faxes with keywords for simpler pursuit and recovery.

Enhanced Security

When you activate advanced Security, you will no longer directly receive faxes in your email. For most extreme Security, inbound faxes are encoded and facilitated on a protected site.

Electronic Signature

Two signing alternatives for your electronic faxes: sign your faxes online by swiping your finger across the screen of your cell phone or simplified a "saved" signature onto your fax archive.

Free Mobile Apps

Presently you can be more effective, fax online from any place, and close deals on the go. Tap on the application to get, sign and send online faxes directly from your telephone or tablet.

24/7 Live Support

If you have a question, the iPBX Customer Support has your answer. Learn about the setup process, send and receive faxes, change account preferences, billing information, and more.

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