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With our network configuration service, the IT workload gets reduced, and you can concentrate on major tasks to increase productivity. Network configuration is when policies, network settings, controls, and flows are assigned in a virtual network. The right network configuration supports the flow of traffic and enhances security as well.

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Why Wifi Configuration is Important!


There are areas in your building that don't get access to the wifi network. These are known as dead spots. They are areas in your building where the wifi signal disappears all together.


Perhaps your wifi router is situated in the home office upstairs; however, you invest the vast majority of your energy on the first floor where the signal works, yet it can be slow and annoying.


You want the fast wifi. Wifi boosters and wifi extenders are usually connected with filling in dead spots. Still, they can also be used to add faster speeds and even new features to your wifi network.


Your building is large. It is difficult for a single wireless router to cover a larger building, particularly when other building construction factors like concrete further weaken the signal.

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